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Winter Wonderland February 9, 2014

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I am SO happy that we have a back yard for the dogs in this weather.  With this nasty cold out I can’t imagine wanting to take the dogs for a walk.  I can’t imagine the dogs wanting to go for a walk either.  They are having a lot of fun romping outside and wrestling and chasing each other, outside as well as when they get inside.  They’re also really having a blast since they can chase each other in circles.


Joey is hiding in his laundry basket.  I’m not sure why.  If I had to choose a place to hide it would NOT be in the basket that housed dirty clothes.



TJ took this.  He was busy being TJ which takes up a lot of his time.



Wednesdays are Windy Days February 5, 2014

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This is the way we clean the snow, clean the snow, clean the snow…this is the way we clean the snow…on Wednesdays.  








Just in case you didn’t know, before you fold an item of laundry you have to flap the laundry around.  It is helpful if you are wearing a magician’s cape.  You never know if the laundry will just POOF fold itself.







It snows at the park, and we don’t care.

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Shocking, it is going to snow again.  (Actually, it is snowing right this very second, I just looked out the window.)  It wasn’t snowing earlier today and our Tuesday schedule is a bit wacko.

10:30 – 2:00 T has preschool so the bigs and I go to the Library so we aren’t driving all over the world.

4:00 – 5:00 L has choir (close to preschool, which is not close to home)

7:00 – 8:00 J has cub scouts (close to home, not close to preschool or choir)

And thanks to weather just as wacko as our schedule we’ve been inside way more than we usually are and it’s starting to show in everyone’s behavior.  So today, between pre-school/library and choir we did this:

IMG_5912 IMG_5917 IMG_5919 IMG_5922 IMG_5924 IMG_5926


Take THAT cold, snowy weather….




Home Schooling Co-op January 30, 2014

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We’re taking classes through a home school co op this “session.”  J is taking an electronic games class and L is taking a multi media art class.   They seem to be having fun, which is great.  I’d love to say that I was meeting other parents, but they all know each other and while they’re not UNwelcoming, and everyone is nice, they don’t really invite you into a conversation or even introduce themselves.   If they started to talk about something I knew anything about, I’d be happy to pop in the conversation, but so far it seems like one person has dominated the conversation and it’s been all about things I know nothing about.  The nice thing about NOT knowing anyone, is I can take the time to just have some quiet.  I can’t really get anything done because of the ambient noise, but it’s nice to just mess around on the iPad and not have anyone asking me questions.

This afternoon we tried to go to a home school play group that is held at a church close to our old neighborhood, but all the doors were locked and well, climbing through the window seemed ill advised.  The kids weren’t terribly upset, so I’m not going to stress about it.  Maybe we’ll try again next week.  Tomorrow is co-op day and the kids want to take a lunch and eat lunch afterwards, so we’ll see how that goes. (that meaning me getting up and making 4 lunches, T has pre-school and then 3 for the bigs and for me…

We shall see.


Revving up for Spring January 16, 2014

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We took a long break between Thanksgiving and New Years.  We are working to get back on a good schedule, but trying to find one that fits well is taking some give and take.  Now if I could just find a clone.


Not Too Cold to Cuddle. January 5, 2014

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J is going for his first friend sleep over tonight.  He’s spent many days spending the night at Gramma’s house and I’m not worried (at all), but it’s just that OMG MY BOY IS GROWING UUUUP.   I think I’ll have to send coffee service to their house or something, I have a feeling those two boys will not sleep willingly.  Good luck K and A.


T is trying to convince me that he and J should have the master bedroom (instead of their own bedroom) because 1. there are 2 closets and they are two boys, 2. Because of a cactus he bought AT HOME DEPOT.  Never mind the fact it took about 15 tries to figure out that he was saying cactus.

L DID spend the night and the day trying to twirl her air into knots with her new shoulder length hair.  She did not succeed.  Yet.  Give her time.   She also thinks there are ghosts in her room who play with her lights while she’s sleeping.  I think she’d have less of a problem if she’d let me turn her lights all the way off after I tucked her in.

We have a playdate tomorrow (cross your fingers, it’s pending non-craptastic weather, it’s already been rearranged 2x, once due to weather, another time due to husband scheduling error).   It’s winter, it’s going to be cold…but this is how cold it is…the dogs are sharing a dog bed…by the heater….



Getting used to things January 2, 2014

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There have been a number of things we have had to get used to with this house.  Other than remembering to head this way when going home (ahem).

The radiators sing.  They each sing a different song.  Some of them are far more talented than others.  Do they have radiator singing lessons?  Tuning kits?

The laundry is downstairs, not upstairs.

The bedrooms are upstairs not downstairs.

There is a garbage disposal, I don’t need to dump soup down the toilet if it’s not finished.

I don’t do “garages” well.  They make me unreasonably nervous for reasons I can’t even begin to explain.

I LOVE having a fireplace and may spend my kids futures on firewood.

Magazines don’t burn in the fireplace very well, they smolder and smoke and require you to open the windows with below freezing temperatures.  Envelopes do burn well.   (take out the plastic window).  As do the brown paper bags they put wine in at the grocery store (and then pack so many in a plastic bag that the bag breaks…)

We need more recycling than trash collection.

Running up and down the stairs is fun if someone is in the 1st floor bathroom because it sounds like an angry herd of elephants.

Did I mention garages?

And lots of snow shoveling.  A lot.  Like 4 times today.  I don’t need a new years resolution diet/weight-loss plan, the snow storm is kicking my ass.






I actually ran out of places to put the snow so I have started creating a sledding hill off the side of our deck.  We’ll see what daddy thinks of it when he gets home.  I’m thinking he’ll be less thrilled than the kids were :D



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